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akinobi_faI was taking care of a man and I had to wake him up at 4:30 to give him care because I needed to be finished by 7:30. He looked at me and asked me to let him sleep because he’d worked hard all his life. I was weeping. Here are these people who have worked so hard and we’re waking them up so early because we don’t have enough staff to do what we need to do.

Age is something none of us will be able to dodge. We might need somebody to care for us in the future. How would we like to be treated in this manner when we can’t do things for ourselves and we’re dependent on others? I always tell my co-workers to give the best love and care to these elderly people because it might be you tomorrow. It’s why we have to fight tooth and nail for a better contract. We’ll be able to take better care of our own families and the elderly people we’re responsible for taking care of at work.