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Sharon I work on a dementia unit. I’m in charge of 90-something people now. When we’re short we go down to two nurses on a floor for more than 90 people instead of having a third person to pick up some of the work. Also a lot of time we are short staffed, the CNAs have 15 or 17 people to take care of; I have to stop what I’m doing to help transport someone or take them to the bathroom and I’m also doing paperwork and medications and dealing with families and doctors. Then families get frustrated because their loved ones have to wait for care. If we don’t get into this fight it’s going to continue and get worse.

Management doesn’t hire regular people. They keep hiring agency workers to fill the voids and using the excuse that they can’t find workers. They come into the facility and they want to work full-time, but they’re told they don’t have positions for them, but obviously they do have positions because they keep using agency workers to fill them.